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Why should you have a uniform?

by Brandwear Team on October 20, 2021

Can you imagine walking into a real estate agency or a bank only to find the person you are speaking to is more under dressed than you on a lazy Sunday? What would you think if you were at an upscale restaurant being served by an unshaven and dishevelled looking waiter? Would you question the food?

The answer to why you would want a uniform for your yourself or your staff is simple..... because appearances can and more often than not do matter!

It is no secret that most professional companies use uniforms. But the question has always been: what do they get out of it? These days, more and more employers are taking into consideration how staff uniforms affects both their employees AND company image; with one shared goal - professionalism at all times!

Gone are those days when employers required employees to dig deep into their pockets to supply themselves work clothing and managers had to decide if that clothing was appropriate to the image of the company.

Professionals in almost every industry are busier than ever, certainly busier that even just 5 years ago. So why complicate work by not having a uniform which can be as simple as embroidering your company logo onto a professional looking garment. Take the stress out of your employee's day by removing their need to pick and choose what to wear day to day, worrying about being seen in the same personal clothes more than once per week. A uniform will do all this for you and much more.

Here are some tried and true reasons why a uniform will work for you!

    1. Uniforms create an attractive business image - Rightly or wrongly, society still tends to judge a book by its cover so presenting a professional and attractive image will embed your business into the minds of the customer. The power of subconscious marketing can not be understated!
    2. It promotes the brand! - When employees wear uniforms displaying corporate logos and colours, it benefits company branding by differentiating their business in the markets they serve.
    3. When it's being worn it's free advertising - A well designed work uniform, when worn in public effectively creates a walking marketing campaign that promotes your company for free!
    4. It protects workers - Uniforms can have multiple functional benefits, the most obvious of which is wearer safety. Be it flame resistant, high visibility or some other safety imperative a uniform can be incorporated to meet your safety needs.
    5. Improves security - It is not often considered but a uniform can be a fantastic tool to identify who does not belong in a workplace or work space. Your unique colours and branding can make this a simple yet effective benefit to your company's uniform.
    6. It creates a team spirit! - Uniforms create a sense of team spirit and belonging. These alone can have untold benefits to employee productivity.
    7. Employer provided uniforms save employees money and even if an employer were to require the works to pay for some or all of their uniforms, it is often a tax deductible expense.
    8. Better customer relationships! - A uniform makes your workers easily identifiable and more approachable for the customer. This alone makes for better customer service experience.
    9. Promote company pride! - A uniform can instil a sense of pride and responsibility that can transform employees into brand ambassadors both inside and outside the workplace.

These may only be some of the top reasons why you would consider a uniform.

The team at Brandwear can help you develop a vision for your uniform. It doesn't matter if you are a real estate agent, a restauranteur, a physiotherapist or a nurse. Our years of experience and professional service will help you develop and present a uniform offering that will help you yield all of the benefits outlined above and more.

Call Brandwear on 1300 419 330 or email: sales@brandwear.com.au for your free uniform consultation and mockup service.


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